Wonder by R.J. Palacio Book Club Activity and Discussion Questions

Wonder is not a YA book, I understand that, but it has an amazing message to send to readers of all ages. Many of my teens are entering high school next year so I thought that this would be a good book to read before entering high school.

photo (14)


We started the hour off with discussion. I wrote all of my questions on a beach ball. We passed the beach ball around the circle and everyone took turns answering the questions. If anyone had anything else to contribute they were more than welcome to add their opinion. After we completed that activity, I gave all of the teens a piece of paper that said “__name__is a wonder because….” They were to put the piece of paper on their back so they couldn’t see it. We then all stood in a line and everyone had a chance to write something nice about one another. After everyone was done, all the teens were able to see what their friends wrote about them! My teens thoroughly enjoyed this activity. It is also another activity designed to involve those who did not read the book :).

I have provided discussion questions and the Wonder game sheet already prepared in PDF.

wonder beach ball discussion questions

wonder activity


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